Selected work

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I am an award winning drinks writer and expert. I write about beer, cider, and spirits, and craft memorable stories which reveal how drinks can connect us to a particular place, time or person. Here is a selection of my work.

Spirits and cocktails

In Club Oenologique: Can Calvados be the comeback kid?

In VinePair: Does It Matter That Most Gin Brands Don’t Make Their Own Base Alcohol?

In Ferment: A trip to juniper’s moorland home (PDF)

Cider and perry

In Good Beer Hunting: Madness and Bitter Fruit — Making Perry in the Shadow of May Hill

In Ferment: Camping in cider’s belly (PDF)

In Pellicle Mag: There Only Apples, Red and Green — Wilding Cider in Somerset, England


In BEER: Stick or twist: England’s hop growers on a knife edge (PDF)

In Good Beer Hunting: Back in Black — How London’s Contemporary Brewers Are Reclaiming the City’s Porter Traditions

In Brewer & Distiller International: Lost in translation — Oud Bruin’s slide from pub staple to niche curiosity (PDF)

In Ferment: Gas Giants (PDF)

In What’s Brewing: What can we learn from Czech pubs?


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