Wavey Ice, an old-school way to keep cool

When I was a kid my school was about four tube stops away from home. We’re talking District Line, for those of you who know it — where the Underground goes overground on elevated tracks that leave you nowhere to hide from the sun. It could get pretty hot in the summer.

So what was a boy to do? My preferred remedy was to stop off at the newsagents opposite school and buy a long, neon coloured ice pop crammed full of deliciously artificial flavours. Then I could keep my cool as I waited out the inevitable signal failures, and stain my mouth bright red or blue at the same time. Ah, happy days.

Turns out those ice pops are back, only now some ingenious person has added booze to them. Wavey Ice is selling ‘nostalgic old-school ice pops with a boozy twist’. At this point you might be wondering whether this story came from a press release. Yes. Yes it did. And I don’t normally do stuff like this on the blog, but this one struck a chord so on we go…

You can order Wavey Ice pops straight to your home during lockdown. The three flavour options to choose from are watermelon and vodka, black grape and white rum, and sour apple and gin.

You can get a box of 15 ice pops (either mixed, or just the flavour of your choice) for £30 including delivery, and you can get 10% off your first box with the code WAVEYICESUMMER10 from www.waveyice.co.uk.

Wavey Ice donates £1 of every order to NHS London and is giving away boxes of boozy ice pops to Royal Mail staff in South London during the lockdown period.

OK, press release part over. One quick observation: if this was craft beer the Portman Group would be all over it. They’re the ones who thought Tiny Rebel’s teddy bear was marketing beer to kids, in case you haven’t heard of them. I’m certainly not going to tell them about Wavey Ice, though, because it looks like great fun to me and I wouldn’t want to spoil the party. (Besides, it clearly says ‘adults only’ on the packaging.)

Also… does this count as an RTD?

Wavey Ice says their product is ‘a nod to old school London, playing on the nostalgia of youth in the city and adding an adult twist to a treat everyone is familiar with’.

Job done, guys. Mission accomplished. This looks wicked. Now, where’s my walkman and my INXS tape?

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