Verdant Brewing Co, Light Bulb

Verdant, Light Bulb

Here’s your cheat sheet for Light Bulb by Verdant Brewing Co. I’m experimenting with putting this out a day earlier than usual so you can have more time to sort out the food pairings if you see anything there that takes your fancy.

Verdant are one of a handful of British breweries who are really killing it right now. They recently opened a taproom in London, in collaboration with Pressure Drop, called The Experiment. I went to try it out on its opening night and, while I didn’t try this beer, I did taste a few of their other ones which were tasting really great, so expect good things from tonight’s offering.

Verdant Brewing Co, Light Bulb / Pale Ale / 4.5% ABV / IBU not available

Featured in main subscriber box on 12 July 2018.

Find Verdant Brewing Co on Twitter at @VerdantBrew and on Instagram at @verdantbrew.

Serving temperature

Serve this beer between 7°C and 10°C; stick it in the fridge for 90 minutes.

As ever, be wary of over-chilling your beer. More chill means less flavour. To learn more read my post on recommended serving temperatures.

Flavours to expect

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”” class=”” cite=”” link=”” color=””]The epitome of a modern pale ale.[/perfectpullquote]

Verdant describe this beer as having “mild sweet malts and bright modern hops”, which sounds good to me. Expect a light, bright, juicy beer bursting with modern flavours. The hops in question are:

  • Magnum: resinous, herbal, pine
  • Simcoe: pine, grapefruit, passionfruit
  • Centennial: lemon, herbal, resinous

It sounds like there will be a decent bitter kick to this – herbal, piney and resinous – with plenty of tropical and citrus fruit playing over the top. It should taste full and rounded despite its relatively low ABV.

Verdant beers are always unfiltered, so expect a bit of haze. Their beers are suitable for vegans.

Food pairings

This style of beer is good with a wide range of foods. The usual pork and burgers should be OK, along with charcuterie – in particular capocollo apparently. For cheese matches cheddar should be fine, or try a Cantal or l’Etivaz if you can find them. (If you’re anywhere bear Borough Market, I know Mons sometimes has them.) For a veg matching, I think some grilled asparagus might be worth a shot.

Further info

Read more on this beer from BeerBods. I couldn’t find anything on the Verdant Brewing Co website.