Tryanuary is a national campaign to promote independent beer businesses by encouraging people to try new beers during January each year. 2018 will be its fourth year, and for the first time there are volunteers (almost 100 and counting) organising and promoting the campaign at the local level. See for more information.

I am organising a selection of 12 locally brewed beers to be stocked together in bottle shops across South London.

Each Saturday in January there will be mass tastings of three of the 12 beers, organised online around the #tryanuary hashtag as well as at live events in shops and at the Hiver tap room.

The Tryanuary team will produce a PDF with tasting notes for each beer and information on where to find them. Customers can pick this up at participating venues or download it from the Tryanuary website.


Beers in the selection


Get in touch using the form below if you need more information including prices.

What we want from bottle shops

We would like participating shops to stock the beers together on the same shelf with Tryanuary branding. You can download posters and logos from

We also encourage you to sell the beers online as a mixed case if possible. We would also like you to print out copies of the PDF and make these available to customers.

The Tryanuary team will publicise the beers, the participating breweries and the bottle shops throughout January. It would be great if you could join in and publicise the Tryanuary campaign to your customers.


The first thing to do if you want to take part is order the beers directly from the breweries.

To discuss consolidating smaller orders via Hiver Beers, please contact their sales manager Simon Perry on 020 3198 9972. He will need to know which beers you already have in stock, and which you need to order, and how many you would like to order.

I will also need to know if you’re taking part so that the other Tryanuary volunteers and I can include you in our publicity throughout the month.

Of course if you want to do more to support Tryanuary, that’s great and we’ll be happy to support you. If you want to host or take part in events we’re happy to help organise and promote these.