Tryanuary 2018 in South London


Tryanuary is a UK wide campaign throughout January which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers.

“Finding new beers in new places provides crucial revenue to an industry of independent businesses in an historically quiet month for trade.”

I will be volunteering with the Tryanuary for their 2018 campaign as a local champion for South London. I will be talking to local breweries, bars and businesses and encouraging them to take part. I will also collect and share information about Tryanuary events and promotions across the whole of South London, and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even get to attend a few!

“Using the hashtag #Tryanuary, the campaign aims to promote conversation about new and interesting beers and, in turn, inspire people to venture out to support local pubs, bars, bottle shops and eateries.”

I love introducing people to new beers whatever the month, but doing it in this organised way provides a huge opportunity to support the independent businesses that make South London’s beer culture so great. Follow my Tryanuary efforts on Twitter and please get in touch if you want to be part of the conversation.

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