The Runaway Brewery, Tropical Coffee IPA

Runaway Brewery, Tropical Coffee IPA

IPA, 6.2% ABV

Featured in BeerBods Plus box 4 on 18 January 2018.

Find the brewery on Twitter at @RunawayBrewery and on Instagram at @runawaybrewery.

Find the roastery on Twitter at @HeartandGraft and on Instagram at @heartandgraft.

Serving temperature

Serve this beer at 7°C to 10°C; at least an hour in the fridge, maybe a touch more if the bottle’s stored somewhere warm.

As ever, be wary of over-chilling your beer. More chill means less flavour. You can learn more in my post on recommended serving temperatures.

Flavours to expect

“A harmonious melding of fruity aromatic coffee and bold tropical notes.”

It’s hard to tell in advance where the balance will lie between the hops and the coffee, and there’s not a lot of information about this beer online to help us out. But we know what IPA tastes like (pale bready/biscuity malt, fruity or tropical hops, some fruity esters perhaps, moderate to aggressive hop bitterness and a longish aftertaste) and we know what coffee tastes like. (Coffee, innit?) So… yeah…

I think I heard the hops in this were as follows:

  • Citra (mango, tropical fruit, lime)
  • El Dorado (apricot, peaches)
  • Motueka (lemon, lime, floral)

Food pairings

The usual well-worn advice would steer your towards something spicy or a fruity dessert. I don’t know, it’s been long day… Jammy Dodgers. Yeah, that’ll do.

Further info

Find out more on this beer from BeerBods.

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