The Macallan Colour Collection, five new single malts hitting the shelves next month

The Macallan is launching a new series of five whiskies next month called The Colour Collection.

This collection is exclusive to GTR — that’s global travel retail to you and me.

These whiskies all celebrate the natural colour imparted by aging whisky in wooden casks. And because it’s The Macallan, we’re talking sherry casks.

These are not casks formerly used by sherry makers, but casks specially made for The Macallan and then seasoned with sherry to their own, exact specifications.

I don’t believe anyone else is doing this, but if anyone reading this knows otherwise I’m all ears — please let me know in the comments!

From the press release:

The Macallan Colour Collection is a collaboration with visionary US graphic designer David Carson, who took inspiration from Jerez, a singular land of historic vineyards and fine wines where The Macallan’s sherry seasoned oak casks are crafted. In his studio he created a unique set of designs which feature on the Colour Collection’s vibrant packaging and take centre stage in a campaign which showcases his signature collage style.

The collection consists of five single malts: a 12 year old, 15 year old, 18 year old, 21 year old, and 30 year old.

I tasted the first three in the range at a launch event last night and found a predominant citrus note that showed an interesting progression from lemon to orange over time.

The 12yo was a pleasant, easy-drinking dram that showed light lemon citrus, light spice, cereal, honey, and coconut. There was a strong sugar puffs note on the nose.

The 15yo had a bit more to it, as you’d expect: it was oily on the palate (in a good way) with orange, brown bread crust, raisin, digestive biscuit, vanilla and cloves.

The 18yo took us into slow-sipper territory with more complexity and, for me, some big rancio notes. I found milk chocolate, spice, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, leather, sweet candied orange and bittersweet marmalade. I reckon this would be great in an Old Fashioned cocktail.

The Whisky Maker’s notes for the two I didn’t taste are as follows:

The Macallan Colour Collection 21 Years Old

  • Nose: Crème Brûlée, candied orange and lemon, sweet aged oak with caramalised pineapple
  • Palate: Tropical fruits, candied ginger, coffee creme, hazelnuts, dark chocolate orange and cardamom
  • Finish: Medium with balanced oak spices

The Macallan Colour Collection 30 Years Old

  • Nose: Pineapple, dried mango, caramelised banana, crème brûlée with sweet aged oak and orange oil
  • Palate: Tropical fruits with almond, touch of cinnamon and nutmeg intertwined with creamy baked custard and crystalised lemon peel
  • Finish: Medium with sweet woodspice and tropical fruits

The Colour Collection will be available in The Macallan Global Boutiques and in “key airports and travel destinations around the world” from September 2023.

Prices are as follows:

  • The Macallan Colour Collection 12 Years Old – £70
  • The Macallan Colour Collection 15 Years Old – £145
  • The Macallan Colour Collection 18 Years Old – £305
  • The Macallan Colour Collection 21 Years Old – £965
  • The Macallan Colour Collection 30 Years Old – £3,910

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