Craft Beer

Tasting Sessions

Taste the best of beer and brewing with a qualified Beer Sommelier

Break out of the routine and offer your guests something memorable. Book a beer tasting event with a difference led by one of only a handful of accredited Beer Sommeliers in the UK.

  • You choose the venue. Home, office, restaurant, hotel, garden. It can work almost anywhere!
  • I bring everything for the beer tasting. There’s nothing for you to do to set up or clear away.
  • You relax and enjoy some delicious beers, great entertainment, even some competitive fun.

Your choice of beer tasting package


Not confident telling an ale from a lager? Don’t know a stout from a hole in the ground? Don’t worry! I can keep it simple and introduce you to the basics.

Britain, Beer Nirvana

We enjoy a rich history of traditional brewing plus a vibrant creative craft beer scene that challenges the status quo. Discover the best of the old and new brewing styles in Britain today.

100% Craft

Only the freshest from modern, independent breweries will do. Expect new and exciting flavours, small-batch brews, seasonal and hard-to-get beers. These will be one-off experiences you won’t find elsewhere.


I can create an event around your needs, and pitched at just the right level for your guests. Choose between a highly interactive and fun session with challenges and games, or a quieter more casual event that allows for easy networking.

Beer Tasting Event Format

  • Sessions last 1½ to 2 hours depending on group size
  • Guests sample four to six hand-picked beers
  • Add a beer and food pairing option to take your tasting to the next level
  • I give guests a hands-on introduction to beer’s ingredients
  • You learn about the brewing process
  • I explain why each beer tastes the way it does and why they are all so different from one another

The cost for sessions varies depending on the number of guests and the beers chosen.

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