Modern Times, Lomaland Bright Rustic Saison

Modern Times Beer, Lomaland Saison

Saison, 5.5% ABV Featured in BeerBods Plus box 4 on 23 November 2017. “We named Lomaland after the brilliantly crazy utopian community that was the first settlement built in Point Loma, the San Diego neighborhood where our fermentorium is located.” Find the brewery on Twitter at @ModernTimesBeer and on Instagram at @moderntimesbeer.

American IPA

What to expect from… an American IPA

If you’re reading this, the chances are I don’t need to tell you. American IPAs are perhaps the defining style of modern craft beer. New ones appear all the time, most of which shine briefly and disappear just as fast only to be replaced by another. These are brewed to be drunk fresh while the pronounced hop characters are at …