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  • Mad Squirrel Brewery, Sumo

    Mad Squirrel Brewery, $umo

    Cheat sheet for Mad Squirrel Brewery, $umo. Information on hops used and flavours to expect, recommended serving temperature and chilling time, and food pairing ideas. Plus information on Mad Squirrel Brewery and where to go to learn more about this beer.

  • Gun Brewery, Vermont IPA

    Gun Brewery, Vermont IPA

    Here’s your cheat sheet for Vermont IPA by Gun Brewery. There is very little information available about this beer online. I mean really… next to nothing. And Gun are a small batch…

  • Brew York, Brew York APA

    Brew York, Brew York APA

    Here’s your cheat sheet for Brew York APA by Brew York. The beer so good they named it twice? Let’s hope so! Brew York, Brew York APA / American Pale Ale /…

  • Atom Beers, Schrödinger's Cat

    Atom Beers, Schrödinger’s Cat

    “Atom aims to blend scientific principle, brewing knowledge and raw enthusiasm to create beers that are full of big flavours, use world class ingredients and display their own unique style.” Amber Ale,…

  • Brixton Brewery Effra Ale

    Brixton Brewery, Effra Ale

    Here is the cheat sheet for Effra Ale by Brixton Brewery. You may have seen recently that Heineken acquired a minority stake in Brixton Brewery. This will lead to an increase in their…