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  • Redchurch Urban Farmhouse, In Barrels, Plums

    Redchurch Urban Farmhouse In Barrels: Plums

    Sour/Wile Ale, 6.5% ABV Featured in BeerBods Plus box 4 on 12 April 2018. Find the brewery on Twitter at @RedchurchBrewer and on Instagram at @redchurchbrewer.

  • Brekeriet Picnic Sour Ale

    Brekeriet Beer, Picnic Sour Ale

    Here’s your cheat sheet for Picnic Sour Ale by Brekeriet, a small brewery in Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden. Brekeriet specialise in sour beers. In fact, they are the only brewery in…

  • Brick Brewery, Watermelon and Lime Sour

    Brick Brewery, Watermelon and Lime Sour

    Having previously enjoyed Brick Brewery’s Rhubarb Sour, which I have since learnt sold out within just two weeks, I was pleased to get hold of their Lime and Watermelon Sour. It pours…