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  • A visit to Mills Brewing

    I visited Mills Brewing in Gloucestershire, set up to produce beer with ‘minimum modern intervention’. I was also lucky to taste a preview of their first spontaneously fermented beer.

  • Devil's Peak, Push The Boat Out

    Devil’s Peak, Push the Boat Out

    Cheat sheet for Deavil’s Peak, Push the Boat Out. Information on hops used and flavours to expect, recommended serving temperature and chilling time, and food pairing ideas. Plus information on Deavil’s Peak and where to go to learn more about this beer.

  • Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour: crushable

    Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour

    I like South-East London’s Brick Brewery, and I like their sour beers too. This is another totally crushable example: crisp, bursting with flavour, refreshing – everything I want from this type of…

  • Brekeriet Beer, Picnic Sour Ale

    Brekeriet Beer, Picnic Sour (again)

    Here’s your cheat sheet for Picnic Sour by Brekeriet. Brekeriet, Picnic Sour / sour ale / 2.2% ABV / IBU not available Featured in main subscriber box on 17 May 2018. Some…