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  • My Top 5 Beers of 2018

    Let’s be honest: it’s December and I need content. So of course it’s time for a best beers list. Putting last year’s list together was pretty good fun too, so here I…

  • Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, Tynt Meadow

    Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, Tynt Meadow

    Cheat sheet for Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, Tynt Meadow. Information on hops used and flavours to expect, recommended serving temperature and chilling time, and food pairing ideas. Plus information on Mount Saint Bernard Abbey and where to go to learn more about this beer.

  • Tynt Meadow Ale, the UK's first Trappist beer

    Tasting Tynt Meadow, England’s First Trappist Beer

    I’m in my local bottle shop picking up an order. As the shopkeeper hands over the bottles, the look in the his eyes says it all. Here is something truly new and…