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  • A bock in East London

    “There’s no other way. We just can’t stop making it, simple as that. The bock is going to stay.” A brewer’s lament, but a drinker’s dream.

  • A beer aboard a boat

    Taking a trip down the River Thames with the London Craft Beer Cruise Company. Much as I enjoy hunting down esoteric taprooms in railway arches or roughing it on a thin wooden…

  • Fuller's Asahi buyout

    Fuller’s Asahi buyout: a sad day for brewing in London

    Fuller’s has sold its brewing business to Asahi. I look at the deal’s significance for London’s brewing industry and beer culture.

  • Get the Most from Your Year in Beer – 2019 part 1

    Some of the best beery fun I had last year was at beer festivals. They’re a great way to catch up with friends and enjoy all sorts of rare and crazy beers…

  • The Dean Swift, London SE1

    The Dean Swift, Bermondsey

    The Dean Swift feels like a secret to gloat over. There’s so much right about this pub, yet none of these things alone quite explain why I like it so much.

  • Drinking in The Dove at Hammersmith

    Time moves differently down by the river. The Thames, tidal here, slips slowly by. Quiet and contemplative, I bask in the sun’s warmth. Its light is doubled, its twin reflected back at…

  • The Experiment requires that you continue

    Is The Experiment worth a go?

    This is not where I’m supposed to be. On a sweltering late afternoon, in the middle of the longest summer heatwave for a generation, I’ve crossed London in entirely the wrong direction…