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  • A can of Urbanaut Imperial Stout in front of a glass of the same beer

    Urbanaut Tropical Imperial Stout

    A small can big on flavour and contradiction: dark malts and light hops, big-hitting booze in a tiny package. There’s a lot to like here.

  • My Top 5 Beers of 2018

    Let’s be honest: it’s December and I need content. So of course it’s time for a best beers list. Putting last year’s list together was pretty good fun too, so here I…

  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: the beer that laid the golden egg

    Black Friday isn’t a thing in the UK. It’s an American import that, like Oreos, is gaining popularity despite the fact that it adds very little of cultural value to the already…

  • Taste testing three strong stouts

    It’s cold out there! Warm up with these strong stouts

    It seems like winter just doesn’t want to let go this year. Here we are in mid-March, with St Patrick’s Day looming, and the temperatures are set to plunge below zero again.…

  • Omnipollo, Noa Hazelnut Cupcake

    Stouts are never really black. Even the strongest imperial stout held up to the light will show itself to be deepest ruby or garnet. So Noa must be something else.

  • Imperial Stout

    What to expect from… an Imperial Stout

    When the evenings get darker, so do the beers. And this is one of the darkest there is. Inky black, strong and indulgent. There’s plenty about an imperial stout to keep you…