Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel

Ayinger, Altbairisch Dunkel

Cheat sheet for Ayinger, Altbairisch Dunkel. Information on hops used and flavours to expect, recommended serving temperature and chilling time, and food pairing ideas. Plus information on Ayinger and where to go to learn more about this beer.


What to expect from… a Kölsch

Kölsch is a bit of an inbetweener. It’s an ale that thinks its a lager – or maybe that’s the other way around. Expect brilliant clarity, a golden colour and a creamy white head. So far so lager, right? But when you smell it you should find some fruitiness there. It’s brewed with an ale yeast and has the characteristic …


What to expect from… a Rauchbier

Smoky beers are pretty unusual these days. However before 1700 or so they would have been much more common. So what changed? It’s all to do with the malt and how it’s dried. The smoke aroma comes from the wood used to kiln the malt. Before the invention of direct-fire kilns all malt would either have been smoky or air-dried. …

Oktoberfest beer dray wagon

Oktoberfest beer: what to expect

It’s that time of year again: the summer’s over, the harvest is coming in (barley and hops included) and Oktoberfest is on the horizon. Don’t be fooled by the name though, it actually begins in mid-September and runs until early October. You should see Oktoberfest beers appear around the same time. You can probably find them year-round if you hunt …