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  • A can of Urbanaut Imperial Stout in front of a glass of the same beer

    Urbanaut Tropical Imperial Stout

    A small can big on flavour and contradiction: dark malts and light hops, big-hitting booze in a tiny package. There’s a lot to like here.

  • ZeroWater: let’s get this clear

    Do ZeroWater filters work? Does the water taste better? Does it make better tea, better coffee, better ice? And what happens when you filter beer for a laugh?

  • Snap Packs are the way forward

    For once a story about big beer where I’m not complaining. Carlsberg has developed a new way of packaging its beers. Their Snap Pack multipacks don’t use the old plastic rings. They…

  • Brew By Numbers, 07 Witbier – Cranberry

    Brew By Numbers // 07 Witbier – Cranberry // 5.0% ABV // IBU unavailable // 440ml can This would have been 07|10 under the old labelling regime. And perhaps, somewhere deep in…

  • Hop Stuff Brewery, Mosaic and Simcoe DDH IPA

    Hop Stuff, Mosaic and Simcoe DDH IPA

    This was a free sample. Delivered on a bicycle, through the snow and ice, this hazy amber beauty has a lot going on. Biscuity malt sweetness turns to marmalade and stewed stone…