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  • Brussels Beer Project, Jungle Joy

    Brussels Beer Project, Jungle Joy

    Cheat sheet for Brussels Beer Project, Jungle Joy. Information on hops used and flavours to expect, recommended serving temperature and chilling time, and food pairing ideas. Plus information on Brussels Beer Project and where to go to learn more about this beer.

  • Ales Tales - the UK's only Belgian Beer Festival

    Ales Tales 2018

    Ales Tales, the only beer festival in the UK entirely dedicated to Belgian beer, returned for its second year on the 1st and 2nd of June. Drinkers in Hackney’s Oval Space were…

  • style profile

    Embrace the funk: why saison is super

    Saison is one of the main members of the farmhouse ales family, along with the similar Bière de Garde from France. When it comes up in conversation, someone is bound to say…

  • cherries, kriek, kriek lambic, cherry beer

    Kriek overload: drowning in cherry beer to find you the best one

    I have always loved cherries. It’s one of my favourite flavours, so it’s no surprise that I’m also a big fan of kriek, the Belgian cherry beer. I inadvertently started amassing an…