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  • So you want to get better at describing beer

    There’s no getting round it, if you want to become a better beer taster you need to learn how to describe the stuff clearly and accurately. Flavour is wrapped up in language, and you need to identify and understand what you’re tasting.

  • How to write memorable beer tasting notes

    Learning to write useful and memorable tasting notes will improve your ability to read beer reviews. You can use this knowledge to buy and enjoy better beer.

  • Loving the beer geek life: an update and future plans

    I’m expecting quite a few new readers on the site today. If that’s you, welcome! I hope you like what you find here. Perhaps you’ve arrived here today after reading my piece…

  • Beer Flavour Wheel

    If you’ve ever struggled to describe what it is you’re tasting in your beer, this might help. This beer flavour wheel groups the most commonly found flavours in beer together and guides…

  • Mash and Vanilla barrel aged barleywine by The Bruery

    The Bruery, Mash and Vanilla

    Tasting notes for Mash and Vanilla, a barrel-aged barleywine by Californian brewers The Bruery.

  • How to taste beer like an expert

    Do you struggle to pick out flavours in your beer? Do you want to talk about what you’re tasting but find it hard to put those flavours into words?

    Your sense of taste isn’t fixed at birth. Tasting is a skill like any other, and with practice you can improve.

    I’m going to share with you the simple technique that professionals use for tasting beer.