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  • Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour: crushable

    Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour

    I like South-East London’s Brick Brewery, and I like their sour beers too. This is another totally crushable example: crisp, bursting with flavour, refreshing – everything I want from this type of…

  • Hop Stuff Brewery, Mosaic and Simcoe DDH IPA

    Hop Stuff, Mosaic and Simcoe DDH IPA

    This was a free sample. Delivered on a bicycle, through the snow and ice, this hazy amber beauty has a lot going on. Biscuity malt sweetness turns to marmalade and stewed stone…

  • Brick Brewery, Watermelon and Lime Sour

    Brick Brewery, Watermelon and Lime Sour

    Having previously enjoyed Brick Brewery’s Rhubarb Sour, which I have since learnt sold out within just two weeks, I was pleased to get hold of their Lime and Watermelon Sour. It pours…

  • Mongozo Banana

    Brouwerij Huyghe, Mongozo Banana

    A delightful oddity: its main aroma, by a long way, is banana. Hardly surprising. But delve deeper and you will find aromas of fake banana sweets, then pear drops and bubblegum. In…

  • Burning Sky x Harvey's, Last Voyage IPA

    Burning Sky x Harvey’s, Last Voyage IPA

    I love both of these breweries, so this collaboration was a must-try for me. It pours a hazy golden pale amber and is subtle on the nose with orange, citrus and tropical…

  • Mash and Vanilla barrel aged barleywine by The Bruery

    The Bruery, Mash and Vanilla

    Tasting notes for Mash and Vanilla, a barrel-aged barleywine by Californian brewers The Bruery.

  • Omnipollo, Noa Hazelnut Cupcake

    Stouts are never really black. Even the strongest imperial stout held up to the light will show itself to be deepest ruby or garnet. So Noa must be something else.

  • Dual Runnings

    Dual Runnings 

    I tried two beers made from the same wort: Dual Runnings by the Kernel and Partizan. The quadrupel (Partizan) won it for me. It had marzipan and dates on the nose, and…