Got something written already but it’s not ready to publish?

Perhaps you’re not quite happy with it, but can’t tell what’s wrong?

Give it to me and I’ll make it sing.

Before I turned my hand to freelance writing, I worked for 20 years as a book editor for some household-name publishing houses.

I was — still am, in fact — a highly skilled and meticulous editor, proofreader, and editorial project manager.

I supplemented what I learned on the job with training from what was then the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (now the Chartered Institute of Editorial Professionals) so that I could work to the highest standards of the book publishing industry.

And I’ve still got it, baby.

Wait… do I need copy-editing or proofreading?

Copy-editing normally happens before proofreading. It’s about tidying up your writing to make sure it’s easy to understand.

Proofreading is where we make the final checks before you publish your work.

Proofreading involves:

Copy-editing is similar but more in-depth, and includes:

Copy-editing does not include:

These would be considered structural editing, sometimes also called substantive editing. (I can do that for you too but it costs a lot more.)

So, what’s next?

Every project is different but they all start the same way: by discussing what it is you need.

After that, I’ll send you an estimate outlining what it will cost and how long I think it will take.

I charge in line with the CIEP’s suggested minimum rates so as not to undercut any of my former publishing colleagues.

So if you need something knocking into shape, we should talk.

Get in touch to discuss your project today.