What’s New, Pussycat?

This article first appeared in issue 31 of Ferment Magazine, published in October 2018. The article looks at the appetite for new beers among craft beer fans.

Craft beer has always been an industry that pushes boundaries and looks for what’s next. But in recent months its fans have grown thirstier for new beers than ever before. One-off brews are flooding tap lines and shelves up and down the country. Like kids let loose on the pick ‘n’ mix, drinkers are lapping them up and ticking them off.

It also examines what this appetite means for businesses within the beer industry.

This positioning of certain breweries as brands, rather than their individual beers, did not come about by chance. With their specials range, Gipsy Hill hope to present a brand people can trust even if the beer inside the can is unfamiliar. Cloudwater have done the same.

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