Something from Nothing

First published in issue 45 of Ferment Magazine, November 2019

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Brewery waste streams have become an unexpected hotbed of innovation.

In Luna Lab’s workshop these dead-end materials are given new life. Early prototypes tell of how Pippin, Bondar and Guldbaek were still discovering their process, which involves dehydrating the raw ingredients, blending them and mixing them with organic fixatives, and using a heat press. “We’re trying to keep the processes to a minimum so there’s not going to be a brute force, like there usually is in manufacturing,” says Guldbaek.

And it’s not just spent grain…

Dutch startup FUMI Ingredients has developed a method of extracting protein from spent yeast that can be used as a vegan replacement for egg whites. “Egg whites are the hardest ingredients to replace in food products,” says its co-founder Corjan van den Berg.

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