Good Pubs Hang In The Balance

First published on the Good Pub Guide’s website in August 2018. This article examines how pubs can attract customers by offering a carefully curated range of beers.

Britons buy more of their beer in supermarkets and bottle shops than they do in pubs and restaurants. So what can publicans do to make us give up on the comfort and convenience of drinking at home? Beer Sommelier Anthony Gladman goes in search of the magic ingredient that you can’t get in a can.

It includes insight from industry figures.

Anselm stresses that it’s also important to look beyond the beer. He recalls drinking in craft beer dens that didn’t get this right. “My girlfriend didn’t want to come with me because that was no fun for anybody who wasn’t a total beer nerd.” The result being, of course, that he didn’t visit as often.

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