Chewing on Savor

First published in Brewer and Distiller International Magazine, September 2022.

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The festival bills itself as an American craft beer and food experience. 2022 was its first year after a pause for the pandemic. Anthony Gladman asks whether it managed to dish up the goods.

Savor has ended and I’m leaning against a wall by the exit watching faces in the crowd stream towards me. Just in front of me, staff members stand in a loose line. The nearest starts up a mantra. “Have a good night.” Every twenty seconds or so: “Have a good night.”

The punters flowing to the exits have had much of their night already, but it’s only 10pm and nearby bars are hosting after parties. “Have a good night.”

Savor is one of three flagship events run by the Brewers Association, alongside the Great American Beer Festival and the Craft Brewers Conference. This was its first run after a two-year gap (thanks, Covid) and its first in a new venue.


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