North Brewing Co, From Leeds With Love

The Dortmunder style sits somewhere between a helles and a pilsner, but is a touch stronger than both. A more muscular lager, if you will.

This one looks the part, all deep burnished gold topped by a rocky crop of pure white foam. But if classic styles are all about the balance between malt and hops, this modern version comes down on the bitter side with its Citra dry-hop regime.

It is a soft, full bodied beer with gentle carbonation. Rich pale malts meet modern hops, with a dry and crisp finish leaving notes of lime on the palate.

This beer was brewed in Leeds for the 2018 Manchester Beer Week City Clash by North Brewing Co, Northern Monk, Kirkstall, and Zapato. Leeds is twinned with Dortmund in Germany, and home to the Dortmund Drayman statue.

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