Heck’s Farmhouse Cider, Yarlington Mill Keeve

I’m told Yarlington Mill is the king of the Somerset cider apples. Easy to believe when you’re drinking this stuff. What you find before you is an elegant, refined, and very approachable drink. There’s a lovely balance of fruity flavours with acidity and creamy sweetness in the mid-palate alongside just enough phenolic hay to keep it interesting and then soft velvet tannins giving a very pleasant drying finish that just dares you to take another gulp. Then you remember that it’s only 4% and plenty refreshing with it, so why not gulp away?

I’m also told the makers at Heck are lovely people. I haven’t met them myself, but can imagine I’d like them if they’re anything like their cider. I guess if you wanted to pick at it you might say there are a lot of things this cider is not. It sits in the centre of all the many things a cidermaker might decide they want their cider to be. But what a centre it is! If this is middle-of-the-road then lay me down on the painted line and play me Simply Red until the cows come home.

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