Gin A Tasting Course

What matters most when you’re choosing a gin?

I say it’s flavour. It doesn’t matter if your gin is made to an authentic, historical recipe if it tastes like ditchwater. Who cares if it contains that one botanical ingredient everyone’s raving about if it makes you sad with every sip?

Listed by Barnes & Noble as one of their Best Books of 2023, Gin A Tasting Course puts flavour first so you can become a more confident taster.

I love this

It’s proper geeky yet a really easy entertaining read too. Perfect.

Sarah Miller

I hope it becomes the gin bible.

The book is fantastic. I hope it becomes the gin bible. It’s so accessible, comprehensive, and the design is superb.

Simon Henry

What a fantastic book this is 🙌

This is the perfect companion to navigating the landscape of juniper spirits — a completist guide to gin.

Hannah Lanfear

Wonderful book!

Compulsory reading for anyone who ever plans on having a gin at some point in their lives.

Lewis Hayes

The key to everyday happiness lies in drinking better, not more. My job is to help you pursue this through a focus on flavour deepened by an understanding of the liquid in your glass.

The book takes you through how gin is made, with a close look at its botanical ingredients and the distillation techniques used to capture their flavour.

This is an all-encompassing guide to the ongoing story of gin — its heritage and innovation — and a celebration of the multitude of complex flavours present in the spirit today.

I also explore how flavour works, how you can develop your palate, and how to write meaningful, memorable tasting notes of your own.

There are recipes for classic gin cocktails, plus pointers on making the perfect G&T including how to match your garnish to your gin.

There’s a little nip of gin’s history, its relationship with empire, and its impact on our climate.

The book also features detailed tasting notes for more than 100 of the most exciting gins from across the world, organised not by who made them or where, but by which flavour group they fit into:

  • Gins that “taste of gin”
  • Citrus forward gins
  • Herbal gins
  • Floral gins
  • Fruity gins
  • Earthy and aromatic gins
  • Maritime and umami gins

Start navigating gin with more confidence today.