Getting the skinny on low calorie beers

The best thing about a workout is the feeling afterwards: the warm glow in your muscles, the sense of achievement, the peace of mind restored. Maybe even that hint of smugness; it would have been so easy to stay on the sofa watching Netflix but instead you got out of the house and put in the work. That deserves a pat on the back. And perhaps a pint before heading home? 

Beer has long had links to exercise. Sometimes the associations have not been great. Rugby tours and their reputation for excessive drinking, for example. But sometimes the relationship can be healthier, promoting the enjoyment of beer as part of an active lifestyle. Mikkeller for instance has 230 chapters of its club across the globe. And beer yoga has tempted fans to taprooms to combine double dry-hopped DIPAs with their downward dogs.

Rise of the ‘sporty’ beers

Lots of us these days care about what we put into our bodies. As we approach 2020, low/no alcohol beers are shaping up to be one of the beer world’s biggest trends. Allied to this is another subcategory: beers for people who like to get up early on a weekend and suffer in some mud. Ultra light, low carb, low calorie beers that are aimed at drinkers living an active, healthy lifestyle — and those who wish they did.

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