Five tasty book recommendations

It’s been quite a while since I last put together a list of recommended books so I was very pleased when the lovely people at Shepherd.com asked me to put together a selection for them.

If you don’t know Shepherd, it’s a book discovery site where authors recommend five books in a subject area similar to their own book.

To sit alongside my book, Gin A Tasting Course, I picked what I consider the five best books for cocktail-loving flavour fans.

These are not all straight-up cocktail books. There’s one on wine, for instance. There’s one on how our sense of taste works and what flavour really is.

My aim here is to get explore what it is I love about cocktails beyond the actual cocktails themselves. (Though they’re important too of course.)

I want to dig into the sense of occasion they bring, plus the sometimes unexpected way flavour works on our emotions and memories.

Click through to see exactly why I picked each book on the list.

My new book, Gin A Tasting Course, is “a flavour-led approach to the world of gin” featuring over 100 gins reviewed and grouped by flavour profile. It’s published by DK and available in all good bookshops, or you can order a copy online »

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