Fishers Fifty Gin

OK, this is delicious, and surprisingly refreshing for such a pokey gin. Despite its swagger — which is most definitely has — it has its delicate side too. On the nose it bullies in all peppery spice and coastal spray, pushing waxy juniper down to third place. But on the palate its power is well controlled, and the spice turns to a warming and indulgent muskiness washed over by waves of herbaceous salinity. Then along comes citrus building to a long and lifting finish. Definitely recommended for your cocktail cabinet.

Fishers Fifty Gin, 50% ABV, 50cl, £40

Fishers also make an Original Gin — again, delicious. A 44% ABV London Dry with a gently coastal edge.

They have a Smoked Gin too but this wasn’t for me, I found the smoke flavours too dominant.

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