Sure, you could write your own copy

And I could brew you a beer. But we both know things would be better the other way round.

Let’s stick to what we’re good at.

I’m an award-winning drinks writer who knows beer, cider and spirits inside out.

Want help but not sure what you need?

Here are some of the things I can help you with.

Short-form copy

The right words you can get someone else to see the world the way you do. Even if only for a short while — just long enough to click a button or pick your drink from a menu.

I can give you powerful, persuasive short-form copy.

Long-form copy

Maybe you want something to make a longer-lasting impression, to speak to someone on a deeper level and build a relationship with them.

I can shape your message so it’s easy to swallow and goes down like honey.

How it works

It all starts with a chat.

Use the button below to book a free 15-minute call at a time that suits you.

I’ll ask you a few questions, figure out what you need, then come back with an estimate that lays out what I think it will cost, and how long I think it will take.

If you’re happy with that, I go away and do all sorts of creative stuff to find a version of your voice the world will want to listen to.