Crossbill Green Dry Gin

This Scottish gin tastes like an ode to the Cairngorms, rugged and stark but also beautiful. Its only botanical is juniper, which you might think would make it a one-note affair. Nothing like it! Chemically speaking, juniper is wildly complex and bursts with all manner of flavour-bearing compounds. This gin will make you believe it. From the Scottish juniper berries, some ripe and some not, plus the needles, the distillers at Crossbill have coaxed expressive aromas that start off green, waxy and herbaceous, then deepen to pine and sandalwood. There’s oiliness and a softer, fruitier lemon note. It’s smooth, complex, and thoroughly delicious. One to try in a Negroni for sure but also, I suspect, a Bramble.

Crossbill Green Dry Gin, 40% ABV, 70cl, £38.95

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