Cromarty Brewing Co, Whiteout Session White IPA

Cromarty Brewing Co, Whiteout

Here’s your cheat sheet for Whiteout by Cromarty Brewing Co. Apparently the first batch of this was used as a wedding beer for one of the brewer’s mates. That sounds like a pretty good recommendation to me.

Cromarty Brewing Co, Whiteout / White IPA / 3.8% ABV / IBU not available

Featured in main subscriber box on 24 May 2018.

Find Cromarty Brewing Co on Twitter at @CromartyBrewing. It looks like they’re not on Instagram.

Serving temperature

Serve this beer between 7°C and 10°C; stick it in the fridge for about an hour.

As ever, be wary of over-chilling your beer. More chill means less flavour. To learn more read my post on recommended serving temperatures.

Flavours to expect

A White IPA usually turns out a bit like a heavily-hopped witbier. They’re often pale, smooth, slightly sharp and then fruity rather than particularly bitter. The hops used in todays’ beer are:

  • Motueka: lemon, lime, floral
  • Citra: mango, tropical fruit, lime
  • Mosaic: tropical fruit, blueberry, citrus
  • Simcoe: pine, grapefruit, passionfruit

Sounds pretty tropical to me!

Food pairings

A beer like this will go nicely against salty flavours. If, as I suspect, the bitterness in the beer is not all that pronounced, then you don’t want tot put it up against anything too sweet. But with all that flavour from the hops you’ll want some food that can stand up to a bit of competition. I read recently that hot dogs work well here, particularly cheese dogs if you can find them. Cheese dogs are of course hot dogs stuffed with chunks of cheese right in the sausage. What a world we live in.

Further info

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