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  • Little Pomona, Hard Rain Quince 2019

    Hard Rain Quince 2019, from Little Pomona, is the sort of mad, experimental, glorious drink that you’ll only get from independent producers. I like it even more because I helped to make it.

  • Tasting notes are boring

    What’s the point of a laundry list of hop flavours, when there’s no guarantee that anyone reading it will experience the beer in the same way?

  • Gueuze glass

    Who needs champagne when you have gueuze?

    Discover detailed expert tasting notes of 8 different gueuze beers, and an in-depth explanation of the style. Plus why it’s a great replacement for champagne.

  • Five Points, JUPA

    My review of JUPA by Five Points. The classic west-coast mishmash of tropical flavours – notably pineapple – and jammy stone fruit is followed up by a piney bitter kick that’s pronounced but still quite gentle.

  • My Top 5 Beers of 2018

    Let’s be honest: it’s December and I need content. So of course it’s time for a best beers list. Putting last year’s list together was pretty good fun too, so here I…

  • Brew By Numbers, 07 Witbier – Cranberry

    Brew By Numbers // 07 Witbier – Cranberry // 5.0% ABV // IBU unavailable // 440ml can This would have been 07|10 under the old labelling regime. And perhaps, somewhere deep in…

  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: the beer that laid the golden egg

    Black Friday isn’t a thing in the UK. It’s an American import that, like Oreos, is gaining popularity despite the fact that it adds very little of cultural value to the already…

  • From Leeds With Love, Hoppy Dortmunder Lager

    North Brewing Co, From Leeds With Love

    The Dortmunder style sits somewhere between a helles and a pilsner, but is a touch stronger than both. A more muscular lager, if you will. This one looks the part, all deep…

  • Tynt Meadow Ale, the UK's first Trappist beer

    Tasting Tynt Meadow, England’s First Trappist Beer

    I’m in my local bottle shop picking up an order. As the shopkeeper hands over the bottles, the look in the his eyes says it all. Here is something truly new and…

  • Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour: crushable

    Brick Brewery, Cucumber and Strawberry Sour

    I like South-East London’s Brick Brewery, and I like their sour beers too. This is another totally crushable example: crisp, bursting with flavour, refreshing – everything I want from this type of…