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  • Drink Free Days, how did I do in 2021?

    I’m a drinks writer. I love booze. But I think it’s important to have regular breaks from alcohol, so I counted how many days I took off from drinking during 2021.

  • Don’t buy fear and ignorance

    I received a sample of Drinkwell IPA over the weekend. It came in a very smelly box — really stinky ink — but that’s not why I want to write about it.…

  • Getting the skinny on low calorie beers

    This article was first published in issue 38 of Ferment Magazine in April 2019. The best thing about a workout is the feeling afterwards: the warm glow in your muscles, the sense…

  • On the importance of not drinking sometimes

    The important point is to put a break to unthinking drinking. Regular drink-free days are a good way of achieving this with little effort. And if you add recording your drink-free days somewhere into the mix it helps make the habit stick.

  • The pub, ‘rona edition

    Greene King shows what ‘safe pubs’ might look like during the coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t pretty.

  • The case for sitting on your own with a pint

    Sitting on your own with a pint, and perhaps something to read, is most definitely one of life’s pleasures. If it’s partway through a weekday afternoon, while the rest of the world is still chained to a desk, so much the better.

  • A bock in East London

    “There’s no other way. We just can’t stop making it, simple as that. The bock is going to stay.” A brewer’s lament, but a drinker’s dream.

  • No need to be teetotal: alcohol-free beer is good for all

    Alcohol-free beer isn’t just for teetotallers. We all moderate our drinking from time to time and deserve a tasty choice when we do.

  • Cans get weird

    As the wine world has started flirting with cans, beer responds with examples of one-upmanship: “Anything you can can we can can weirder.” In my last post I wrote about Carlsberg’s sustainable…

  • Snap Packs are the way forward

    For once a story about big beer where I’m not complaining. Carlsberg has developed a new way of packaging its beers. Their Snap Pack multipacks don’t use the old plastic rings. They…