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  • Vegan beers — what to look out for

    It has been four years since I last wrote about vegan beer and things have changed, so I’ve decided to revisit the subject. I will answer some of the questions you might…

  • So you want to get better at describing beer

    There’s no getting round it, if you want to become a better beer taster you need to learn how to describe the stuff clearly and accurately. Flavour is wrapped up in language, and you need to identify and understand what you’re tasting.

  • What is ‘mixed ferm’ beer?

    I’m rather annoyed with myself. In a recent newsletter I lazily referred to saisons as being ‘mixed ferm’. That was wrong. They are not. Or, at least, they don’t have to be.…

  • How to write memorable beer tasting notes

    Learning to write useful and memorable tasting notes will improve your ability to read beer reviews. You can use this knowledge to buy and enjoy better beer.

  • What are the best beer glasses?

    Your glass does more than just hold your beer, it affects how it tastes. Read on to find out how, and get advice on the best glasses to buy for your beer at home.

  • Why clean glassware is so important

    Using ‘beer clean’ glassware is important, and boils down to having respect for the beer — and for yourself.

  • Talk your way to better beer tasting skills

    We all taste beer in the same way, so how come some of us seem to be better at it than others?

  • In Praise of Beer in Cans

    Ditch any idea that beer in cans is cheap and nasty. Cans are the ideal way to keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious. Read up on why.

  • Skunked beer: how to avoid a drink that stinks

    Most of the time, for most people, enjoying a beer is a simple and uncomplicated pleasure. But sadly we don’t live in a perfect world – things can and do go wrong…

  • Off flavour training: how to get your head around bad beer

    If you work in beer, or want to, then developing your palate is important. Part of that is learning to recognise and identify common faults.