Brew By Numbers, 07 Witbier – Cranberry

Brew By Numbers // 07 Witbier – Cranberry // 5.0% ABV // IBU unavailable // 440ml can

This would have been 07|10 under the old labelling regime. And perhaps, somewhere deep in the brewery’s systems, it still is. But on the new cans bearing the updated, simpler branding this beer is now just 07 for witbier, with the cranberry noted below.

The can has a lot of useful info and guidance on the back, but I’m not sure I agree with all of it. The beer is not fuchsia pink, for instance. (Nor even ‘fuschia pink’ – sort the typo out guys.) It’s more a deep gold with an orange blush.

It’s a gentle beer, all told. Bready malt with a tart wheat sharpness precedes a wave of carbonation, then in the middle the fruit comes through cleanly but gently. You might almost say subdued. The cranberry and chamomile are distinct, but soon give way to a floral finish with some yeasty esters over the top. There’s a touch of dryness to the finish that reminiscent of the astringent character of cranberry juice, but overall it’s pretty pleasant and refreshing.

One thing has me scratching my head though: this beer drinks as though it was designed to be sessionable, but I can’t see who would want to do that. Much as I love a fruited wheat beer – this one included – I wouldn’t want to spend a whole evening sinking them.

This beer falls somewhere between a classic witbier and a fruited kettle sour, without really managing to nail either one. Balance and drinkability are admirable qualities, but sometimes a beer cries out to be more assertive in its character, more memorable, and I think this beer is one such.

This beer was a free sample that I picked up while interviewing Tom, Co-Founder of BBNo, for a magazine article. I also picked up some other free beers and merch. While I’m always grateful for free stuff, I do not guarantee positive – or indeed any – coverage as a result.

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