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  • A beer aboard a boat

    Taking a trip down the River Thames with the London Craft Beer Cruise Company. Much as I enjoy hunting down esoteric taprooms in railway arches or roughing it on a thin wooden…

  • Beer and Cheese — Hafod

    If you think you know cheddar, try Hafod and think again. This cheese puts many other cheddars to shame — and I don’t just mean the crappy plastic supermarket ones. The name,…

  • Looking for a deeper relationship

    Novelty is starting to lose its appeal at home and I feel like I need to find a good fridge filler. Can you place lonely-hearts ads for a beer? A tide is…

  • Belgian beer by Dutch canals

    Drinking in Foeders, Amsterdam, a neighbourhood beer bar that has seen its local focus build an international reputation.

  • Beer and Cheese — Sinodun Hill

    Sinodun Hill is a ripened goats’ cheese pyramid, similar in style to a Pouligny and other French goats’ cheeses, made by Rachel Yarrow and Fraser Norton at Earth Trust, a charity farm…

  • Fuller's Asahi buyout

    Fuller’s Asahi buyout: a sad day for brewing in London

    Fuller’s has sold its brewing business to Asahi. I look at the deal’s significance for London’s brewing industry and beer culture.

  • Gueuze glass

    Who needs champagne when you have gueuze?

    Discover detailed expert tasting notes of 8 different gueuze beers, and an in-depth explanation of the style. Plus why it’s a great replacement for champagne.

  • beer and cheese

    Beer and Cheese — Caerphilly

    This month it’s Gorwydd Caerphilly. Caerphilly is a mould-ripened, aged cow’s milk cheese typically sold at three to four months. The style takes its name from a small town in south Wales.…

  • Get the Most from Your Year in Beer – 2019 part 1

    Some of the best beery fun I had last year was at beer festivals. They’re a great way to catch up with friends and enjoy all sorts of rare and crazy beers…

  • Five Points, JUPA

    My review of JUPA by Five Points. The classic west-coast mishmash of tropical flavours – notably pineapple – and jammy stone fruit is followed up by a piney bitter kick that’s pronounced but still quite gentle.