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  • The case for sitting on your own with a pint

    Sitting on your own with a pint, and perhaps something to read, is most definitely one of life’s pleasures. If it’s partway through a weekday afternoon, while the rest of the world is still chained to a desk, so much the better.

  • 2019 photo favourites

    A round-up of some of my best images from 2019.

  • 2019 writing favourites

    A round-up of some of my best drinks writing from 2019, including articles in Pellicle Magazine, Ferment Magazine and October.

  • A bock in East London

    “There’s no other way. We just can’t stop making it, simple as that. The bock is going to stay.” A brewer’s lament, but a drinker’s dream.

  • A trip out to cider country

    I took a trip to Herefordshire to see for myself how cider is made. I found passion, renewed optimism, and a feeling that important, influential figures have emerged who will shape their trade for years to come.

  • No need to be teetotal: alcohol-free beer is good for all

    Alcohol-free beer isn’t just for teetotallers. We all moderate our drinking from time to time and deserve a tasty choice when we do.

  • Why clean glassware is so important

    Using ‘beer clean’ glassware is important, and boils down to having respect for the beer — and for yourself.

  • The Woolpack, Slad

    I visited an unpretentious country pub set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was perhaps the best I’ve been to in years, and now I want to return.

  • How to talk your way to better beer tasting skills

    We all taste beer in the same way, so how come some of us seem to be better at it than others?

  • The next big thing will come from apples

    I looked for something new in spirits but wound up being more excited by something closer to home instead.