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  • Tryanuary

    Tryanuary 2018 in South London

    Tryanuary is a UK wide campaign throughout January which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers. “Finding new beers in new places provides crucial revenue to an industry…

  • Mash and Vanilla barrel aged barleywine by The Bruery

    The Bruery, Mash and Vanilla

    Tasting notes for Mash and Vanilla, a barrel-aged barleywine by Californian brewers The Bruery.

  • Omnipollo, Noa Hazelnut Cupcake

    Stouts are never really black. Even the strongest imperial stout held up to the light will show itself to be deepest ruby or garnet. So Noa must be something else.

  • Brick Brewery, Peckham Pale

    Drinking local tonight: Peckham Pale by @brickbreweryse15. Crisp malt and floral piney hops, all pitched at a refreshing, easy-drinking level. A nice session beer.

  • The Kernel, Bière de Saison Apricot

    Bière de Saison Apricot by @thekernelbrewery. All those IPAs chasing the juicy label could learn a thing or two from this beer. Sherbet apricots, brett funk, a restrained but mouth-watering tartness, and…

  • pale ale

    What to expect from… a Pale Ale

    Think of this as IPAs little brother if you like. It has a similar pale appearance and refreshing character with malts and hops in good balance, but it’s all pitched at a…

  • kölsch

    What to expect from… a Kölsch

    Kölsch is a bit of an inbetweener. It’s an ale that thinks its a lager – or maybe that’s the other way around. Expect brilliant clarity, a golden colour and a creamy…

  • How to taste beer like an expert

    Do you struggle to pick out flavours in your beer? Do you want to talk about what you’re tasting but find it hard to put those flavours into words?

    Your sense of taste isn’t fixed at birth. Tasting is a skill like any other, and with practice you can improve.

    I’m going to share with you the simple technique that professionals use for tasting beer.

  • Describing beer colour: how to get it right

    Beer colour is important. It’s one of the first things we notice. Our eyes usually get involved with our drinks long before our noses or mouths do. And this happens whether we’re…

  • Cloudwater x The Veil, Chubbles TIPA

    That is one nice looking glass of beer, just check out the colour! @cloudwaterbrew x The Veil, Chubbles TIPA ?