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  • Dirty Martini

    If the dry martini is elegant perfection, the dirty martini is perfection elevated by an artful flaw. It’s a beauty spot, sprezzatura, wabi-sabi in drink form.

  • close up photo of martini with olives

    Absinthe Martini

    You’ll like this. It’s perfumed, subtle, complex — and potent. It’ll blow your head off in the most enchanting way.

  • Campari Soda

    My god, but this is a good-looking drink: come-to-bed red, bittersweet and delicious.

  • A pair of dark lagers

    As we teeter between winter and spring, this is a good moment for beers that tread the line between light and dark. Dark lagers are in season, particularly the Doppelbocks that would…

  • Heck’s Farmhouse Cider, Yarlington Mill Keeve

    I’m told Yarlington Mill is the king of the Somerset cider apples. Easy to believe when you’re drinking this stuff. It just dares you to take another gulp.

  • A can of Urbanaut Imperial Stout in front of a glass of the same beer

    Urbanaut Tropical Imperial Stout

    A small can big on flavour and contradiction: dark malts and light hops, big-hitting booze in a tiny package. There’s a lot to like here.

  • Drink Free Days, how did I do in 2021?

    I’m a drinks writer. I love booze. But I think it’s important to have regular breaks from alcohol, so I counted how many days I took off from drinking during 2021.

  • Vegan beers — what to look out for

    It has been four years since I last wrote about vegan beer and things have changed, so I’ve decided to revisit the subject. I will answer some of the questions you might…

  • Don’t buy fear and ignorance

    I received a sample of Drinkwell IPA over the weekend. It came in a very smelly box — really stinky ink — but that’s not why I want to write about it.…

  • So you want to get better at describing beer

    There’s no getting round it, if you want to become a better beer taster you need to learn how to describe the stuff clearly and accurately. Flavour is wrapped up in language, and you need to identify and understand what you’re tasting.