Sign up to BeerBods for Tryanuary and only pay half price!

You can’t go out every night during January. What if you want to take part in #tryanuary from your home? Well, here is some really great news for the beer curious wherever they may be, in South London or further away: BeerBods are offering a fantastic deal to anyone signing up for one of their subscription boxes during January.

I’m a long-time subscriber and I can assure you their selection of beers is second to none, and each beer comes with a story about the brewers who make it. Subscribers drink the same beer at the same time, 9pm each Thursday night, and chat together online while doing so. This embodies everything that Tryanuary is all about: getting together to talk about and taste new beers, encouraging exploration and discovery while supporting independent beer businesses.

Sign up for a box during January, and use the code TRYANUARY to get 50% off.