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  • Little Pomona, Hard Rain Quince 2019

    Hard Rain Quince 2019, from Little Pomona, is the sort of mad, experimental, glorious drink that you’ll only get from independent producers. I like it even more because I helped to make it.

  • Wavey Ice, an old-school way to keep cool

    Wavey Ice offers a nod to old school London, playing on the nostalgia of youth in the city and adding an adult twist to a familiar treat.

  • The pub, ‘rona edition

    Greene King shows what ‘safe pubs’ might look like during the coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t pretty.

  • How many Kölsch breweries are there?

    Kölsch is “one of the most strictly defined beer styles in Germany” according to Wikipedia. Use of the term Kölsch is governed by the Kölner Brauerei Verband (Cologne Brewers Association) through the…

  • Tasting notes are boring

    What’s the point of a laundry list of hop flavours, when there’s no guarantee that anyone reading it will experience the beer in the same way?

  • The case for sitting on your own with a pint

    Sitting on your own with a pint, and perhaps something to read, is most definitely one of life’s pleasures. If it’s partway through a weekday afternoon, while the rest of the world is still chained to a desk, so much the better.

  • 2019 photo favourites

    A round-up of some of my best images from 2019.

  • 2019 writing favourites

    A round-up of some of my best drinks writing from 2019, including articles in Pellicle Magazine, Ferment Magazine and October.

  • A bock in East London

    “There’s no other way. We just can’t stop making it, simple as that. The bock is going to stay.” A brewer’s lament, but a drinker’s dream.

  • A trip out to cider country

    I took a trip to Herefordshire to see for myself how cider is made. I found passion, renewed optimism, and a feeling that important, influential figures have emerged who will shape their trade for years to come.