Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my site.

Because you’re here, on this particular page, I’m guessing you want to find out whether this site is for you.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

This site probably isn’t for you if…

  • you see drinking as an endurance sport, and feel that anything less than four pints of an evening isn’t even trying
  • you prefer to stick with what you know because you might not like the new thing
  • you can’t see what’s wrong with having sexy women on the pump clip, it’s only a joke after all…

You should totally poke around this site some more and read what I’ve written if…

  • you love beer but don’t always know which one to choose
  • you want to drink less but drink better
  • you want to find an alternative to wine to pair with your food
  • you want to explore the best of modern craft beers alongside enduring classics from around the world
  • you’re not afraid of geeking out from time to time and acquiring some technical knowledge
  • you think beer should be for everyone, and the culture around it should be welcoming and inclusive.

OK, so that’s cleared a few things up. But perhaps you want to know more about me.

Who am I to be telling you all this stuff about beer, anyway?

It’s a fair question.

Hi, I’m Anthony. I’m a beer sommelier working towards accreditation with the Beer and Cider Academy, which is part of the Institute of Brewers and Distillers. (That’s a trade body for the beer ‘n’ booze industry in the UK.)

I run tutored tastings, beer and food pairing events, and I’m also a freelance writer specialising in beer, food and travel.

Before moving into beer I worked in book publishing for 20 years.

Some more stuff

  • I’ve written for Winerist and BeerBods
  • I’ve organised tasting sessions and off-flavour training workshops
  • I was the Tryanuary Local Champion for South London in 2018
  • I curated a series of pieces on first beer experiences for Tryanuary, with contributions from some well-known beer folk including Adrian Tierney-Jones (Beer Writer of the Year 2017), James Beeson (Young Beer Writer of the Year 2017), Matthew Curtis (UK Editor of Good Beer Hunting), Jonny Garret (of YouTube’s Craft Beer Channel), and many more – including me.

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Some random facts about me

I speak fluent French, rusty German, and a smattering of dodgy Spanish; I’d like to learn Japanese

I like walking, particularly on the Sussex Downs but really anywhere will do; if I arrive too early for something I’ll often prefer to kill time by walking around rather than sit and wait

I like photography, but balk at spending Proper Money on all the kit, so mostly just stick to using my phone these days

I have lived in Paris on a couple of occasions; at one point my French was good enough that people could no longer tell that I was English. Instead they thought I was ‘probably Belgian’.

Bread gives me terrible hiccups but I love it none the less; I’ve been known to bake sourdough

I homebrew using a grainfather, although not as often as I’d like. Recent brews have included Trouble IPA (tasty despite some near disasters during the brew) and Dino Imperial Stout (named after the child’s umbrella we used to protect the wort from the rain).