One of only a hundred or so in the UK

I am qualified by the Beer and Cider Academy, which is part of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London.

As well as cultivating a deep knowledge of beer styles and brewing, my training as a sommelier means I am skilled at communicating about beer and guiding people through its flavours.

With the explosion of new breweries over the last decade there’s never been a better time to be a beer drinker.

Put simply, I love beer and I want everyone else to love it too. My job is to give people confidence when they’re choosing a beer. I work to make beer welcoming for everybody, no matter their level of knowledge.


Tasting Sessions

I run guided tasting sessions that are usually between one and two hours long, covering up to six beers. I talk people through the beers, taking in their flavour profiles, their ingredients and a little bit of their history. I look at how the flavours interact with one another and usually include some food pairings too.

Tasting events like this are a great way to treat staff, entertain clients, or engage customers in your pub, taproom or bottle shop.

Get in touch if you want to find out more.

Beer Writing

Before moving into beer I worked for many years as a book editor. I’m still using those skills now, in conjunction with my beer know-how, to work as a freelance beer writer specialising in beer, food and travel.

I’m a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers and have written for Ferment Magazine, the Good Pub Guide and others. You can see samples in my portfolio.

My aim is to write as much about the people and the culture surrounding beer as I do about the liquid itself.

I’m also available if you need web content, blog posts, or any other writing that aims to engage people about beer.

Drop me a line and let’s see how I can help you out.


If your business is making or selling beer, we can work together.

I can create beer and food pairings and build up beer lists to complement your menu.

I can bring your staff’s beer knowledge up so they feel comfortable talking to your customers about beer, describing how it tastes and making recommendations.

I can deliver off-flavour training.

I can develop recipes and even get stuck in with the brew if that’s what you’re after.

Contact me to discuss what you need.

Other stuff

  • I’ve judged at beer competitions ranging from homebrew events to the World Beer Awards.
  • I was the Tryanuary Local Champion for South London in 2018, and will be Chief Regional Coordinator for London in 2019.
  • I don’t have one favourite beer, so please don’t ask unless you’re prepared for a very long answer.
  • I don’t use untappd any more.
  • I don’t drink beer all day every day, and I’m not drunk all the time. I try to avoid getting drunk as much as possible, regularly take days off the beer, and always encourage others to drink responsibly.