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  • how to store beer at its best

    How to store beer at its best

    Beer is a natural product that contains, and is hugely influenced by, a host of living micro-organisms. (That’s the yeast!) This living beer will continue to develop over time. Sometimes the changes…

  • Recommended serving temperature for beer

    Do you know your beer’s recommended serving temperature?

    Some people like their beer cold. It’s how beer drinkers have been taught to enjoy our brews for years. This is particularly true if you prefer a lager. But did you know…

  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2017

    Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2017 UK Release

    2017’s eagerly awaited release of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout finally arrived on the 24th of November. Bottles of the barrel-aged stout were available in very limited numbers in just a handful…

  • beer flavour wheel

    Beer Flavour Wheel

    If you’ve ever struggled to describe what it is you’re tasting in your beer, this might help. This beer flavour wheel groups the most commonly found flavours in beer together and guides…

  • Siren Craft Brew, Project Barista: Crema

    Siren Craft Brew, Project Barista: Crema

    It’s not often that a beer completely bamboozles me, but this was definitely one of those occasions. I had met a friend in Wimbledon to check out some of the Old Ales…

  • Tryanuary

    12 Beers of Tryanuary

    Here’s a proposal that I’ve been working on for #tryanuary that I think could be a lot of fun. We are encouraging local breweries to nominate one of their beers to feature…

  • Burning Sky x Harvey's, Last Voyage IPA

    Burning Sky x Harvey’s, Last Voyage IPA

    I love both of these breweries, so this collaboration was a must-try for me. It pours a hazy golden pale amber and is subtle on the nose with orange, citrus and tropical…

  • Tryanuary

    Tryanuary 2018 in South London

    Tryanuary is a UK wide campaign throughout January which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers. “Finding new beers in new places provides crucial revenue to an industry…

  • Mash and Vanilla barrel aged barleywine by The Bruery

    The Bruery, Mash and Vanilla

    Tasting notes for Mash and Vanilla, a barrel-aged barleywine by Californian brewers The Bruery.

  • Omnipollo, Noa Hazelnut Cupcake

    Stouts are never really black. Even the strongest imperial stout held up to the light will show itself to be deepest ruby or garnet. So Noa must be something else.