Invest In Your Staff, Invest In Your Business

If you sell or serve beer you and your staff will need to describe its taste to your customers.

Beer drinkers are more discerning and more demanding than ever before. They look to you for advice, recommendations, and increasingly for food pairing suggestions as well.

If you or your staff aren’t confident in providing this, I can help. I run workshops to bolster your beery skills at every level.


I will teach you the beer basics. We’ll cover how beer is made and how each ingredient affects its flavour. Then we’ll move on to techniques for tasting beer and producing clear descriptions you can use with your customers.


This is an essential skill. If you can’t tell whether a beer is bad, how can your customers trust your service? I will cover the main off flavours you need to know, how to recognise them, and what to do when you encounter them.


If you sell both beer and food, it’s important to know how to put them together properly. I’ll give you the skills to navigate for yourself which beer styles and which foods will work together and give your customers a better experience.

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Hey, I'm Anthony

I'm a Beer Sommelier. I help people feel more confident choosing a beer and exploring its flavours. I teach people how to pair beer with food. And I can train your staff to do all this too. Let's talk!