Tasting Sessions

A tutored tasting session is a great way to entertain clients or give your staff a treat. You can have fun and learn about beer at the same time.

Choose from one of the packages below, or you can get in touch to discuss a bespoke session if you have something special in mind.


In this session I provide a handpicked selection of beers that will take you on a journey through some of the world’s different brewing traditions. From classic German beers made from recipes hundreds of years old to vibrant modern beers brewed in New Zealand; from the best of British craft beer to Belgian Trappist ales.


Britain is a beer nirvana. We enjoy a rich history of traditional brewing – rightly envied across the world – and a vibrant creative craft beer scene that challenges the status quo. As a Beer Sommelier I am equally comfortable in both camps. This session covers the best of old and new brewing styles in Britain today.


Considered by many to be the spiritual home of beer, Belgium produces distinctive traditional brews unlike anywhere else. Belgium’s beers are often imitated but never bettered. Take this course back to the original source and get to know the beers that still impress and influence the world’s very best brewers.


Not confident telling an ale from a lager? Don’t know a stout from a hole in the ground? Don’t worry! I can keep it simple and introduce you to the basics. This session provides a solid grounding in the major beer styles and sets you on the path of further flavour exploration. Get in touch to find out more.


Do you have a particular theme in mind? Perhaps it’s dark beers, or German brews. Maybe you’re interested in beers suited to a particular type of food? Whatever you’re thinking of, I’ve got the expertise to brew up a session for you. Get in touch today and let’s start exploring the options together.

100% CRAFT

Concentrating on only the freshest from modern, independent breweries around the world. We will taste the beers that are pushing the boundaries and taking the world of brewing forward. Expect new and exciting flavours; small-batch, seasonal, and hard-to-get beers; one-off experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

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Each beer tasting lasts 1½ to 2 hours depending on group size. Sessions usually cover six to eight beers but can include up to twelve.

Along the way I will explain the brewing process, and how it has been refined over time. By talking about the beers' ingredients, and how brewers use their skill to manipulate flavours, you will learn why each beer tastes the way it does and how come they are all so different from one another.

Beer Tasting Format

Reception Drink – These days we tend to think beer should be enjoyed on its own. But that wasn't always the case. Beer has a long history as a cocktail ingredient. Enjoy a beer-based cocktail before your session begins and see how versatile it can be.

Introduction to beer – Humans have been drinking beer for longer than you think. I will outline some of its amazing history and talk you through the techniques used to make it.

Tasting – Each tasting session is designed to take you on a trip encompassing as many different types of beer possible within the theme you have chosen. Over the course of the session you’ll get to try up to twelve very different beers while I guide you through each one.

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Practical Stuff

I am happy to come to you or work with any venue you choose. I can also suggest some if that helps. But wherever you choose to hold your tasting, there are some practical points we need to keep in mind.


Hey, I'm Anthony

I'm a Beer Sommelier. I help people feel more confident choosing a beer and exploring its flavours. I teach people how to pair beer with food. And I can train your staff to do all this too. Let's talk!